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 Frases cortas mias

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Angel of Kaos

Mensajes : 127
Fecha de inscripción : 28/09/2008
Edad : 30
Localización : Nunca me verás salir de entre las sombras para matarte...

MensajeTema: Frases cortas mias   Vie Oct 17, 2008 10:14 am

Ok, estas frases las inventé yo hace muuuucho tiempo, en ataques emo de mi vida, o en momentos de odio profundo

Están TODAS EN INGLÉS, puesto que soy poeta for-export XD jajaja nee, me gusta mas escribirlas en inglés...

Cristianos abstenerse, puesto que algunas son muuy anticristianas. Yo soy asi.

"Every day has its dusk
Every men still grows up
Every act has its judgement
as every human gets his punishment"

"Nobody is 100% sure about what someone else is thinking, but they like to make people 100% sure that they do."

"Someone who doesn't have a dream is either a pessimist or an insomniac."

"We can be 100% sure in a fact about death: we are all going to die."

"If the tree doesn't let you see the forest...take a few steps back."

"Satanism is like Christianismo, only that you're bumping your head in the other side of the wall."

"Begging mercy for your sins is like commiting the atrocity of being happier than Jesus."

"As soon as you understand the true meaning of life, you're dead."

"Dead people are better than live ones; they know of both, life and death."

"Death is a one-way ticket to an unknown destination."

"The sun always rises tomorrow morning."

"Assassins aren't bad at all, they help to regule mortality basis."

"Tomorrow's never coming
And yesterday doesn't exist
So live the fuckin' present
That you'll never miss."

(Esta rima en cooperación con un amigo de mi mismo nombre)

"If you love your guns, you're belic; if you love god, you're blind, but if you love your government...you're corrupt."
(En base a la canción de Marilyn Manson..."Do you love your guns? - Yeah - God? - Yeah - And government?")

"Love songs are written without love, by a person in love, to a person he/she loves, and who listen them? People in love. Who cares about the music's feelings?"

"Maybe we have to buy stocks in Death, it's a business never going down!"

"If 3 people die in the world while you're reading this...that means you're not one of them."

"Accept the fact that you're alone since you were born and you'll never face solitude."

"Love is like being gunshot: it hurts at the end, not at the beggining."

"Hope isn't the last thing we lose: when we lose hope we instantly lose our mind...And so we become christians. So, the real last thing we lose is our freedom, our will."

"Why I'm so antichristic? Because christianism is so antihuman, so anti-me."

"Everything in life should be fun; if not, life wouldn't be worth enough to live it."

"Art, music, literature...are ways of expressing our thoughts besides our acts. I think a life without expression makes the world numb."

"What are good and evil when it comes to people's happiness?"

Y para rematar, un Poema:

"Why the wolf barks at the moon"

"There was a wolf who once loved the moon
So that he watched her from the noon
When he realized they'll never be together
He decided to howl her forever."

Ojalá que les gusten...aunque se que soy pésimo escritor uxu


"No me odies por un malentendido, en cuanto me conozcas mejor te sobrarán motivos verdaderos"~

Gracias por la firma amor x3

You will always be within my heart...I'll never let you go...

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Frases cortas mias
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